The danger of it all

Children from the remote river island village of Majgaon in Tinsukia district on way to school in Madhupur island village as captured by the camera of a team member from the Tinsukia Boat Clinic. The problem of children accessing schools by going on canoes/dugouts without any safety equipment. They have …

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Solar energy to Jorhat boat clinic

Guwahati, 22nd May 2017: C-NES’ Jorhat Boat Clinic is probably the first in the country to be installed with solar power to run the entire medical and diagnostic equipment’s including a dental setup and a 50 ltr solar refrigerator to store vaccines. The boat now also has power supply available …

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Between Rivers

The first reaction was a protective urge. They were just a little older than my first born and so innocently charming. “Everywhere we go we are asked about Tomaiina and bull fights, with young people singing the popular Bollywood number Senorita. Of course, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We did watch …

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C-NES’ Boat Clinics replicated in Malkangiri

The boat clinic at Malkangiri, Odisha, launched on 2nd May 2017 was inspired by the success of C-NES’ Boat Story.  We wish this Boat Clinic all success in its noble mission of providing service to tribal populations in  (Maoist ) disturbed areas.  It may be mentioned that in 2015 the district …

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Sir Mark Tully on the Boat Clinics on HT

“The governments’ failure to deliver more effectively on human development indicates they need to look for new models and replicate them, taking advantage of NGO initiatives and their ability to provide services as effectively as the Brahmaputra boats do” Sir Mark Tully. Follow the link for more

Goa’s Herald on Sanjoy Hazarika

Sujay Gupta, editor of the Heraldo in Goa, wrote this entertaining piece based on a lunch at Gunpowder in Goa:…/THE-YOUNG-MAN-AND-THE-RIVER-–-HAZ…’S-TALES-TOLD-AT-ASSAGAO/111649.html

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