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Riverlinking: Demand for government-public dialogue

Guwahati, November 30: The Union Government's proposal to link the rivers of India needs to be connected with livelihood generation and greater dialogue with stakeholders as well as deeper research cutting across sectors such as environment, social and economic conditions, participants at a seminar on the issue said today. They cautioned against large scale interventions…

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State Development Report: Assam

The Centre was asked by Government of India (Planning Commission) to work with two other prominent institutions to develop the Assam Development Report (2002), which encapsulates a vision for the state, with a specific timeframe for change. The report, which was released by the then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in December 2002, is…

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Northeast Media Exchange Programme 2003

The Seventh North East Media Exchange programme invites applications for six fellowships: four for journalists from the Northeast (Outward Fellowships) and two from other parts of India (Inward Fellowships). Eligibility I. A print journalist must include clippings of six major articles published in the past one year in an English or any other regional language…

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Journalists express concern about pressures on media

Participants at the conference expressed concern about such pressures, and called upon all governments and organisations in the Northeast to respect the essential right of journalists and media persons in the Northeast region to report accurately on issues affecting the region without fear or favour. The conference, having heard from the personal experiences of senior…

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