Aims and Objectives

Using a strategy of local-level and regional studies, the Centre aims to impact policies and perceptions at all levels to help build a more equitable society. C-NES is involved in programmes in the following areas:

  • Health, education and environment
  • Governance
  • Livelihood generation
  • Conflict
  • Participatory planning
  • Gender sensitization and status of women
  • Infrastructure and transport
  • Studies of migration, internal displacement and refugee flow
  • Reviews of social projects and policies through local team
  • Media exchanges and communication


Regional Perspective

The communities of this region need to develop their own unique answers to their problems instead of depending on others. But this cannot happen in isolation.The states of the North East need to look to each other and to their neighbors in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Tibet and Nepal for they must grow together. The markets, skills, natural resources and other advantages need to knit together if the region, one of the poorest in the world, is to progress.



  1. I like to b join it

  2. I want to know about ur boat ambulance

  3. This institute would no doubt greatly serve the region

  4. Navalkumar Chauhan

    Civilization don’t do anything but the people.Sense of life & future matter to all
    We cann’t remain isolated from larger political & economic forces work at intl.level.Despite dizzling differences of language,culture,history & politics differences are so deep that wars are fought over.Gargantuan task.we are curious abt.people,new culture,new perspectives Trying to understand indepth understanding of cultural practices and customs of NE. Latest migrant population.Bureaucratic power give rise to political favouratism, payoff corruption slow down national economy
    Cross border illegal migration, terror attack , narcotics trade and drug trafficking .Anyway interesting ideas and untapped resources awaiting
    Preparing of Social Performance Index
    may help much .Thanks.

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