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A ‘journalist’ became the Messiah of the poor

Fight the whirlpool, tangle the wavesTill when will you walk side by side... - Raza Hamdani Well said by poet Raza Hamdani. If you don't have courage and don't have the courage to do something, then what is the use of being a journalist... Well, today I am going to tell you about a journalist…

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By the Brahmaputra (Vol: 55)

C-NES Newsletter(For the period January– March 2022) Help Age India Consultative Understanding the Health and Care needs of Elderly and Community: a consultative was organized on 17 Feb. 2022 by Help Age India at the Conference Hall of the Social Welfare Department, Government of Assam. Esteemed members are requested to kindly attend and make it…

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When a clinic comes sailing

Construction is in progress, and the gate to the Jogighopa river is closed to outsiders. But the security guard rushes to open the gate when I say ‘Boat clinic’. A few metres away, young Mofidul Islam smiles as he comes out of S B Shekhar, a white-and-green boat clinic. Behind it, Naranarayan Setu, a rail-cum-road…

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Infants immunised

ANM Elizabeth Kom immunising an infant at Lakhimpur district’s Morton Sapori island village. The happy smile on the face of the new mother speaks more than a thousand words. Don’t you think so? This is what keeps the boat clinic teams going.. ⁦

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Morigaon boat clinic team

Led by DPO Shyamjit Pashi, one of our most experienced members, the energetic Morigaon team on way to a health camp at Rongrai char, island village. Glimpses of the camp.

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