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The Boat Clinics on Loksabha TV

उभरता पूर्वोत्तर/लहरों पर तैरता अस्पताल असम के कुल भूखंड में से करीब 6 फीसद हिस्सा नदी द्वीप क्षेत्र है। जहां असम की कुल जनसंख्या में से करीब 10 फीसद आबादी रहती है। यानी करीब 30 लाख लोग इन द्वीप गांवों में रहते हैं। असम में 13 जिले नदियों के किनारे स्थित हैं। ब्रह्मपुत्र नदी अपने…

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By the Brahmaputra (January – March 2018)

By the Brahmaputra (Vol: 41) C-NES Newsletter    (For the Quarter January – March 2018)   Women’s Day at Radio Brahmaputra On the occasion of Women’s Day, a group of women from Maijan Nahor Line gathered at the Radio Brahmaputra studio on 8th March 2018 to listen to a Women’s Day special program and share their…

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The road of change

In 1994, Sanjoy Hazarika’s first book on Northeast, Strangers of the Mist: Tales of War and Peace from India’s Northeast, was hailed as a path-breaking narrative of the region. It explored various aspects, including immigration issues before and after Independence. In his latest book, Strangers no More that comes two decades after his first one…

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Vitamin A supplement: Reaching the last mile- the last child

The Vitamin A supplement program started in Assam from 1st November 2017. The Boat Clinic health teams have made best efforts to give Vitamin A supplements to all children in their targeted char/sapori areas by organizing special camps, awareness sessions and distributing IEC leaflets. The teams have visited village homes, paddy fields, schools etc for…

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C-NES Newsletter (July – September 2017)  

By the Brahmaputra (Vol: 39)   EDITORIAL Discrimination, being North-eastern and ‘Indian-ness’ Being Indian is no easy task. We cannot be guided by one view of India, or how an Indian should look, what he or she should or should not eat or dress or behave. We need to move towards a more inclusive society…

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