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A ‘journalist’ became the Messiah of the poor

Fight the whirlpool, tangle the waves
Till when will you walk side by side…
– Raza Hamdani

Well said by poet Raza Hamdani. If you don’t have courage and don’t have the courage to do something, then what is the use of being a journalist… Well, today I am going to tell you about a journalist who is working to bring smiles to millions of poor and needy today through his positive efforts.

Yes, I’m talking to a well known journalist and academic Dr. Sanjay Hazarika. Who imagined a ‘boat clinic’ hospital about 20 years ago and made it realised by their efforts? The result is that no government in the centre and state come or go but their silent mission has not stopped, but it has been unstoppable for the last 18 years. Especially, delivering door to door health services to around 2,500 small-large island villages by hundreds of doctors and paramedical staff at Boat Clinic during the Corona period is no less than a true service to humanity. All of them are truly Corona Warriors and deserve respect.

Posted by: Mamta Sngh

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