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“Truly Inspiring”: Visitors at BCRS

A  5 member team from Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA)  visited C-NES’ Brahmaputra Community Radio Station(BCRS) located  along the mighty Brahmaputra at  Maijan ghat, Dibrugarh  on 28, 29th October 2014.
 The  station, the first ever of its kind in this part of the country to broadcast in 5 different languages/dialects- Assamese, Bhojpuri,Shadri(tea tribe dialect),Bodo and Mishing  has been set up to reach out to the underprivileged communities inhabiting within a 15 km radius of the station including tea tribe communities with programmes of their interest and informative programmes under the proactive coordinator Bhaskar Bhuyan.All reporters have been picked up from these communities.  The visiting team from Meghalaya studied the  process of production, volunteership, application process, trainings, studio setup, technical and non technical issues. A field visit to Maijan Tea Estate was also conducted .
The team  returned happy and impressed with the work they saw and learnt . Their comments follow:
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