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In Assam, Solar Energy Helps Doctors & Medicines Reach Island Dwellers on Boats

When reporting from rural parts of Assam, Sanjoy Hazarika noticed the intense need for a sustained healthcare system in the region. In collaboration with the National Rural Health Mission, his non-profit, C-NES, launched boat clinics in 2005 to bridge the healthcare divide.

By Shivani Gupta June 26, 2024

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Dr Saddam Hussain from Silchar left his home around 7 am for his camp duty in Sadhu Sapori village of Majuli district – a large river island formed by the majestic Brahmaputra river and its tributaries.

After four hours of the boat ride, Dr Saddam reached the village along with his team of healthcare workers. It was not the regular OPD clinic of a city hospital. Here, the camp was set-up by the river bank. The community is always delighted to see the healthcare workers back.

“Since morning, I have seen at least 50 patients who complained of abdominal pain, urinary tract infections, hypertension, joint pains, skin related diseases; and those who required antenatal care,” Dr Saddam tells The Better India.

Talking about the healthcare gap in the region, he shares, “The flooding of the Brahmaputra river affects a large population residing in the islands. Whenever it rains heavily in Arunachal, the river water rises. There are no sub-centres in the islands. We are the only healthcare workers for them.”

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