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Reaching uncharted territory

A camp conducted by Dhemaji Boat Clinic at Kankan island village on 12th April 2024

24th May 2024: In the early hours, precisely at 4 am, a team from Dhemaji Boat Clinic embarked on a maiden visit to Shivaguri, a remote area on the Assam-Arunachal border. This region is home to the Mising and Adi tribes, who often face significant challenges in accessing medical care.

The journey began from Silapathar and spanned five and a half hours. The route to the destination took the team through dense forests, teeming with wildlife. On several occasions, they had to clear the path by cutting down small trees and bamboos obstructing the way. Though they occasionally encounter wild elephants during such earlier trips, this time they were fortunate enough not to.

The team was accompanied by an MPW from Jonai BPHC, who served as their guide since it was the first time they were traveling to Shivaguri. His knowledge and expertise were invaluable in navigating the challenging terrain and ensuring the team reached their destination safely. As part of the journey, the team crossed the Taratama River by passenger boat, a crucial segment that enabled them to reach the isolated community. Upon arrival, they were met with a heartwarming sight: locals braving the river to receive much-needed medical check-ups and medications. This reception underscored the importance of their mission and the impact of providing healthcare to underserved populations. The team, equipped with essential medical supplies and a commitment to service, spent the day attending to the health needs of the Shivaguri residents.

The Boat Clinic initiative continues to be a vital lifeline for these remote communities, bringing healthcare directly to those who need it most.

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