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Samrakshan starts community-based eco-tourism in South Garo Hills

Dear friends,

Samrakshan, with the support of local communities of the Balpakram
Baghmara landscape in Meghalaya, India, has launched a nature-based tourism
programme in collaboration with Titli Trust (
This initiative is aimed at providing the local community with an economic
incentive to conserve the landscape. We invite you to join the first
butterfly tour in Nov 2010-a unique community-based butterfly tourism
initiative. The area’s butterfly diversity is spectacular; over 300 species
have been seen here.  Nature tours, trekking tours and bird watching tours
will also be organised to showcase the area’s spectacular bio-diversity.

Attached are brochures with information and a registration form for booking
the tours. We would encourage you to publicise this venture as it is a
unique opportunity to support communities in their conservation efforts. It
is also an opportunity to travel and live in the midst of some of the most
spectacular forests in the country and appreciate nature in all its glory.

We look forward to your visiting the Garo Hills and being a part of a unique
conservation enterprise.

Yaranjit Deka                                Sanjay Sondhi
Samrakshan Trust                        Titli Trust

Butterflies tours- samrakshan eco tours

Eco Tourism- Brochure

Registration Form

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