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The Centre for North East Studies & Policy Research (C-NES), Guwahati Office invites online applications for appointment on contractual basis for the position of District Program Officer under Boat Clinic Program supported by NHM, Govt. of Assam. Candidates can apply at on or before 27th May 2023. Candidates not having the requisite qualification and other criteria need not apply.

  1. (A) Key Responsibilities – District Program Officer – (Vacancy – 1 post)

  2. The job of District Program Officer (DPO) will require extensive travel by boat on the river Brahmaputra in order to provide primary health care services to people residing in the chars/saporis of that district.
  3. The DPO primary role will be to organize health camps which will involve routine immunization, health checkup, antenatal & postnatal checkup, family planning activities, awareness programs, meetings etc. and any other related work assigned by District Health Society (DHS) and C-NES.
  4. He/She will be responsible for improving the overall health indicators of the assigned / targeted areas in collaboration with the DHS and related institutions.
  5. He/She will be responsible for fieldwork like survey interviews, regular data collection and reporting at the end of each month, as well as collection of secondary data with reference to the said projects. In addition, quarterly / biannual and annual reports will have to be prepared with details of activity and achievement.
  6. He/She will implement all assigned work involving the district Boat Clinic unit including management of logistics and finance for the smooth delivery of the mandated services in the field.
  7. He/She will be supported by a health team consisting of Medical Officer, Pharmacist. Laboratory Technician, ANMs, Community Workers, Boat crew and others.
  8. In order to achieve the program goals, maintenance of cordial relations with the communities located in the assigned project area, as well as with the officials of the district Health, Administration, NHM as well as the Program Management Unit (PMU) C-NES and team members of the Boat Clinic unit is a requisite.
  9. DPO is also expected to submit a regular monthly detailed expenditure statement by the 7th (seventh) of every month along with proper vouchers, bills, receipts, and keep proper records of all financial transaction related to the program as per the financial guidelines.
  10. He/She will be required to work in the field for not less than 20 days and located in the district HQ within a radius within 2 KM from the district Boat Clinic Office.
  11. On non field days he/she will attend official meetings and complete administrative work which includes update of records, registers, stock, finance etc.
  • Required qualification and experience: District Program Officer
  1. Full time Master’s Degree in Social Works (MSW)/Sociology/Rural Development from a recognized university.
    1. Preference will be given to the candidate having minimum 2 years experience of working with rural communities.
    1. High level of integrity.
    1. Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organization.
    1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Assamese.
    1. Salary: INR 20,000/- per month (consolidated).
  • (A) Key Responsibilities – Pharmacist – (Vacancy – 1 post)
  1. Dispensing prescribed drugs to the patients and counseling them on how to use the prescribed drugs, restriction of diet etc. and explain properly the advice given by the Medical Officer, inform about the possible side effects if any and fix the time of re-visit.
  2. Monitor the patient’s health and progress to make sure that their medications are working effectively and safely.
  3. Help patients to manage conditions such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure by explaining the advice given by the Medical Officer.
  4. Explain the patient about the ill effects of self-medication, smoking, alcohol consumption and educate on NCD.
  5. At all-time medicine stock has to be systematically and neatly stored both in the store at District Office and in the Boat. Maintain proper stock register and update physical stock regularly with the daily medicine dispense register.
  6. Prepare proper indent in consultation with the MO and ensure that proper stock is maintained with no expiry of medicine through proper monitoring and inventory control and management.
  7. Work in close coordination with DPO / MO and assist each member of the team as and when required. Maintain cordial relationship with District Health Society at HQ and with all beneficiary and stakeholders.
  8. Assist when required to conduct field survey and any other tasks as assigned by the DPO and MO of the Boat Clinic Unit.
  • Required qualification and experience: Pharmacist
  1. Having diploma from Govt. of Assam recognized institution.
  2. Valid registration number.
  3. Preference will be given to the candidate having minimum 1 year experience of working.
    1. High level of integrity.
  4. Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organization.
  5. Remuneration – Rs. 15,500/- per month
  • (A) Key Responsibilities – ANM – (Vacancy – 3 post)
  1. Trained from Government of Assam recognized institution
  2.  Registered under ANM&HV Council.
  3. Preference will be given to the candidate having minimum 1 year experience of working.
    1. High level of integrity.
  4. Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organization.
  5. Remuneration – Rs. 13,000/- per month
  1. To provide focused attention to safe motherhood & child survival. Providing basic obstetric care services including Ante-Natal Care (ANC), Post-Natal Care (PNC) counseling for institutional delivery, and promoting home delivery by SBA/TTBA (Trained Traditional Birth Attendant) to carry out all duties of an ANM. MCP card need to be filled up for each service provided in its visit. The ANM also maintain the record of Severe Anemia and Pregnancy Induced Hypertension for PW and refer subsequently.
    1. To carry out duties relating to maternal and child health, issues like Family Planning where maternal and child health problems due to unplanned closely spaced pregnancies need to be explained to each eligible couple. All the methods available on FP services need to be discussed during counseling sessions and need to offer the couple to choose accordingly. IUCDs may be inserted at the boat by trained ANM/MO. The target couple chooses to adopt permanent method like NSV or LS may be council adequately and referred accordingly. Registers need to be updated every year in the assigned villages of the char/saporis.
    1. To prepare Village Health Action Plan, Micro plan for IPPI/Universal Immunization Program (UIP) or other programs when required and to list the Trained Traditional Birth Attendant (TTBA / Dai) and involve them in promoting RCH/NHM activities with active support from CW, ASHA/AWW.
    1. To identify cases of Malnutrition and Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM)and bring to the notice of the Medical Officer, Boat Clinic. The SAM children need to be admitted in the nearest NRC (Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre) and parents need to be counseled for such cases.
    1. To distribute Iron and Folic Acid tablets as prescribed to pregnant and nursing mothers, infants and young children (6 months to five years) and family planning acceptors and to administer Vitamin A solution as prescribed to children. Mission Tejaswee need to be implemented where available.
    1. Health Education/ Community Awareness need to be taken up prior to each health check-up camps on various topics of health and social issues like FP, Nutrition, Anemia, Iron Rich food, Early marriage, Teen age pregnancy, High Risk Pregnancy, Diarrheal disease, ORS/Home Available Fluid (HAF) (safe drinking water, sanitation, water born diseases, vector born diseases menstrual hygiene, HIV/AIDS etc.
    1. To carry out duties relating to Universal Immunization Program (UIP) including maintaining cold chain, storage and distribution and coordination with the Vaccine depot. Drop out of children for routine immunization must be lowest possible limit through community counseling/support of CW, ASHA, AWW, PRI and emphasis must be made for right vaccine at the right age. Benefit of immunization of children need to be discussed with community/parents prior immunization sessions and for any modification in immunization schedule. The MCP cards must be filled up properly for each service and be counseled for bring in the same in subsequent visit and need to be preserved the MCP card for future use.
    1. To carry out duties assigned under Diarrhea and ART Control Program, IMNCI and relating to RTI and STI.
    1. To maintain records as per guidelines and submit Monthly reports on works performed or any other reports/ other reports required by Boat Clinic.
    1. To attend training program organized by C-NES, District/State Health Dept. as & when required.
    1. To identify the women requiring the help for safe abortion services due to failure of contraception need to refer to MO Boat Clinic for further advice and counseling. The community needs to be educated on unsafe abortion practices/ septic abortion where consequences may be fatal. The women of reproductive age group requiring such services need to be referred to an approved Health Institution where trained MO provides Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) services only.
    1. You are to work in close coordination with DPO / MO and assist each member of the team whenever required and perform any other duties assigned specifically.
    1. You are to maintain cordial relationship on a regular basis with the District Health Authority at HQ and with the religious leaders, Teachers Stake Holder, Panchayat members and other influential persons in the char / sapori.
    1. Other related work relevant to / associated with the camps or project will be assigned to you from time to time by DPO and MO.
    1. Assist when required for conducting field survey as and when required.
  • Required qualification and experience: ANM
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