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C-NES Project Updates

1.1 Caremother is a pregnancy care company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They provide digital solutions for high risk pregnancy management through their fetal monitoring device called Fetosense. The device performs Non Stress Test (NST) and has toco for labour monitoring. It is a portable, wireless device which runs for 8 hours on single charge. So far Fetosense is being used in over 300 clinics/hospitals in India and has also been placed at some of Health and wellness Centre (HWCs) in Assam.

HT Parekh foundation has funded the device and Caremother has given three fetosesne devices to C-NES. Two mini fetosense device in Kamrup (R) and Bongaigaon BC unit and one fetosense device in Lahorighat Model hospital, Morigaon. A two days orientation and training program of the device was held: On7th March at Chyagoan for Bongaigaon and Kamrup BC unit, and on 8th March for Lahorighat Model hospital at Morigaon attended by Dr Milan Boruah and Mr Ashok Rao.

Impact India Foundation (Dasra) and Purpose, India project

Vaccinating the adolescent population (12-18 years) in the riverine islands of three districts of Barpeta, Lakhimpur and Morigaon. The project is of 4 months starting from April.

An amount of Rs 9,54,800 as first trance has been released to us. 13 new staff has been recruited for the project in the month of April 2022

1 Project Coordinator: To monitor and evaluate the overall activities, guide the team, liaison with stakeholder to achieve the outcomes of the project

4 Survey administrators: To conduct baseline and end line survey and help in creating awareness activities in the project

4 Data entry operators (DEO): To conduct line listing of beneficiaries, input and record data of vaccination status of beneficiaries

4 Vaccinator (ANM): To inoculate the beneficiaries, and assist others staff member in awareness activities

Conduction of orientation and training has been completed on 30th April 2022. The Surveyors have started the baseline survey, DEOs have started the line listing of beneficiaries. ANM are currently assisting the Surveyor and DEO, and waiting for Vaccination approval by the Directorate of Health Service, Assam.

Total Budget: Rs 19,06,600 (Nineteen lakhs six thousand six hundred only)

29th March 2022: Received first tranche of Rs 9,54,800 (Nine lakhs fifty-four thousand eight hundred only)

Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) and UNICEF project

Empowering community-based institutions for supporting Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) for COVID-19 and Routine Immunization. The project is carried out in 4 blocks of two districts in Lower Assam for a period of six months, starting from March 2022.

The projects aims to mobilize the eligible population for the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination with special focus on increasing the second dose coverage, mobilize the teenage population (15-18 years) and >60 population for COVID-19 vaccination and precautionary (booster) dose, promote COVID appropriate behaviours and support the overall routine immunization uptake while delivering COVID-19 vaccine promotion

The name of the districts and block are:

  1. Goalpara : Goalpara Urban block and Lakhipur block
  2. South Slamara : South Salmara Urban block and Gazarikandi block

One District Coordinator (DC) was hired in the month of March to carry out the project. Preliminary activities like mapping of intervention villages, identifying of Community based organization, and influencers have been completed. On 11th and 12th May a two -day review meeting of the project was held in Guwahati.

The DC is currently engage in Capacity building of block level NGO, local CBOs and influencers. Along with conduct of activities such as handwashing demonstrations, awareness through social media and household visits.

Total budget: Rs 5,60,800 (Five lakhs sixty thousand eight hundred only)

16th March 2022: Received first tranche of Rs 190,686 (One lakh ninety thousand six hundred eighty-six only)

GNI COVID-19 Vaccine Counter-Misinformation Project

The Quint/GNI funded Covid-19 vaccine counter-misinformation project has been started on June, 2021. The key objective of the program is to debunk the misinformation on Covid-19 among the rural masses particularly among the rural women from the vulnerable groups and promote Covid-19 vaccination among them. The project will end in May 2022 and currently in its last phase. Budget: Rs. 16 lakh (through FCRA account)

Till April 2022 the BCRS has done approximately 330 radio programs from covering topics on vaccine hesitancy, CAB, importance of 2nd dose for women, adolescent, school going students and other general public in Assamese, Sadri, Mising, Hajong, Deori, Bodo & Tiwa dialects and broadcast every day 12 times of each spots.

In the radio program segments, BCRS has produced a series of radio program in the name of “Jankiye Xakalo Jene” with the character of “Janki – a young, well-informed woman” in 5 different language and dialect. Apart from the program segment, station produce a radio feature program covering Covid-19 and vaccination namely “Katha Covid”.

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