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Impact of armed conflict on women in Nagaland and Tripura

The Centre conducted a study on the ‘Impact of armed conflict on women’ in the states of Nagaland and Tripura at the request of the National Commission of Women. The coordinator was Ms. Preeti Gill, Advisory Council member and editor, Zubaan.

Researchers and assistants in the two states include Ms. Wecheteu Kapfo and Mrs. Akule Mero (Nagaland) and Mr. Jayanta Bhattacharya and Ms. Kutika Das (Tripura). Mr. Jayanta Bhattacharya is Bureau Chief Press, Trust of India in Tripura and an Advisory Council member. The final report was submitted in May 2004 to the NCW.

It focused on:

  • The situation in the North East with regard to the condition of women and armed conflict
  • Effects of conflict on women’s health, education and children
  • HIV-AIDS, alcohol and substance abuse
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Role of Women in Government
The recommendations included prioritization of the following:
  • Rehabilitation schemes and compensation for widows and orphans who have been affected by conflict
  • Legal system to be more accessible and gender sensitive, especially in cases of sexual abuse
  • Protect children, especially girl children, from rape and sexual exploitation
  • Address the mental and physical health needs of women in these situations by providing counseling and rehabilitation centres for affected women
  • Involve women in peace building efforts and post conflict reconstruction
  • Rehabilitation for the displaced
  • Government programmes and relief schemes for women
  • Provide vocational training to women
  • Upgrade health sub-centres in villages
  • Implement a state policy for women at the earliest
  • Establish state commissions of women
  • More women cells and recruitment drive for women personnel in the police department
  • Traditional and customary laws which are discriminatory against women should be identified and reviewed
  • The government should provide marketing outlets for products developed or marketed by women, especially in the rural areas.
C-NES’ Managing Trustee is on the Expert Committee for the North East in the National Commission for Women.

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