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Directory of Philanthropy in North East India: A listing of donor groups

Published December 2000
Price: Rs 200

The “Directory of Philanthrophy in North East India” seeks to plug an information gap about the region especially with regard to local donor groups — ranging from giant government corporates to small institutions. In addition, the directory draws attention to the fact that while the North East may be known for receiving huge grants from the Central Government for development and that many of these funds “leak” and are diverted from their public purpose, there are voluntary groups and organisations which respond to the basic needs of people for health care, education, training, and governance.

The Directory has very simple aims:
(1) It seeks to provide accudate data about trusts, foundations and funding organisations in the North East for non-governmental organisations and interested individuals.
(2) It seeks to enable other groups, especially government, trusts and foundations elsewhere in the country and abroad, to review the possibility of assisting specific projects and organisations to help them meet their objectives.

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