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The Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research(C-NES), established in 2000, has eminent writer, journalist Sanjoy Hazarika as the Managing Trustee. C-NES was incorporated as a Trust on 7th January 2000 with Indian Registration Act under Trust Act 1882 and registered under Section 80 G (5) (vi) of Income Tax Act 1961. It is an empanelled member of the TISS National CSR Hub. The organization works in a number of areas including governance, health with special emphasis on women and child, environment, gender and livelihood issues,  communications and regional cooperation. It seeks to build a bridge between field and policy as well as between the North-East and the rest of India. What drives the organization and its programmes is delivering people their birth right in the sphere of health, education and sanitation among others.  It works at both the field and policy levels. Its “North Eastern Region Vision 2020”, based on a survey of some 40,000 households in eight states to develop a people-friendly strategy, was the basis of an official document released by the Indian Prime Minister.

   The organization has been providing basic health care services to the flood vulnerable population living in the Brahmaputra islands, through specially developed boats popularly known as the “Ships of Hope in the valley of Floods” equipped with OPD, laboratories on board as well as pharmacies, to thirteen districts in Assam supported by the National Health Mission (NHM), Government of Assam.

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