About CNES

The Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research was incorporated as a Trust on 7th January 2000 with Indian Registration Act under Trust Act 1882 and registered under Section 80 G (5) (vi) of Income Tax Act 1961. It is an empanelled member of the TISS National CSR Hub. It has offices in Guwahati in Assam state, North eastern India and at New Delhi and works on a range of issues and areas at both field and policy levels relating to the following : health, education and other areas of governance, participative planning and rights, water resources, environment, rural livelihoods, peace building and building better understanding among communities. C-NES is committed to developing bridges between the North-east, which still remains among the more misunderstood parts of India and other regions. Yet the region is finally and slowly creating its own space and finding its own pulse. C-NES designs, develops and implements innovative ideas to reach the poor and marginalized groups specifically in areas of health, education, energy and environment, conducts workshops and training programs, reviews government policies and projects.

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