C-NES’ Boat Clinics replicated in Malkangiri

The boat clinic at Malkangiri, Odisha, launched on 2nd May 2017 was inspired by the success of C-NES’ Boat Story.  We wish this Boat Clinic all success in its noble mission of providing service to tribal populations in  (Maoist ) disturbed areas. 

It may be mentioned that in 2015 the district administration of Malkangiri along with the Project Director, DRDA invited C-NES to make a visit and provide technical support to start a Boat Clinic program in the Balimela Dam Reservior in order to provide health care service to the communities who are cut off from the district by the huge artificial lake which was created by the dam. A population of about 27,000 to 30,000 people living on the hills and valleys has been deprived of all basic developmental facility including health and education as there were no roads and boats were the only mode of transport. These communities living in these areas are mostly tribal who are poor and backward. Dinesh Balam from  NGO WASSAN worked tirelessly for it. Dinesh came in contact with C-NES through the IUCN-JMI-Dhaka University programme.

The Managing Trustee C-NES Sanjoy Hazarika delegated Ashok Rao, Program Manager Boat Clinic, Assam to visit the area and study the feasibility and provide technical support if the program of a Boat Clinic service in the proposed area is possible. Accordingly on 22nd June 2015, the Program Manager traveled to Visakapatnam  where Mr. Dinesh Balam escorted him for the onward journey by road to Malkangiri which is about 350 KM. 

Program Manager C-NES made the presentation explaining on C-NES, its ongoing programs with special emphasis on the Boat Clinic program since its inception, design, the PPP with National Health Mission , the structure of program management, planning, communication, service delivery component and reporting. The pictorial presentation showed the different boats, facilities onboard, service delivery, challenges during different seasons and work during floods. C-NES provided technical support during finalization of the design and construction and initial implementation of the program.  

Like C-NES’ Boats, this one will also focus on primary health care service, assist in emergency delivery, spread awareness on health issues, conduct immunization programs for mother and child and support NHM programs to inaccessible areas in the reservoir zone.

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