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Sanjoy Hazarika to speak, screen film at German University

Sanjoy Hazarika has been invited to speak at the inauguration of an
international conference on the North-east followed by the screening
of his film, ‘A Measure of Impunity,’ on 15th December 2011 at the
University of Göttingen, Germany.  He will be participating in the
workshop titled Performing Identity: Ethnicity and Ethnonationalism in
the South-east Asian Borderland region of North-east India to be
organised in Göttingen from the 15th to the 17th December 2011. The
workshop is being organised by the Department of Social and Cultural
Anthropology in co-operation with the Centre for Modern Indian Studies
at the University of Göttingen, and is being co-ordinated by the
Competence Network on ‘Dynamics of Religion in SE Asia’ at the
University of Göttingen. Other prominent speakers are Prof. Sanjib
Baruah of Bard College, US, Prof. Erik de Maaker of Linden University,
the Netherlands, the Swedish anthropologist Bengt G. Karlsson and
Willem van Schendel also of the Netherlands, one of the most prominent
scholars and writers on issues relating to Asian borderlands.

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