Former Hindu correspondent and NE veteran Prabhakara’s book release in Bangalore

Veteran journalist and former NE Correspondent of The Hindu, MS Prabhakara’s book on the region, ‘Looking into the Future’, is being released in Bangalore on November 23 at the British Council Library, 11 am, on Kasturba Rd.

Prabhakara is a legendary scribe, a true foot soldier of the craft of journalism unlike most of today’s hacks, who has my deepest respect. His crisp writing, meticulous research and extraordinary passion, compassion and understanding of the region and its people are truly special.

He combines the knowledge of an insider with the detached observation, including
an amused sideview, of an eagle’s eye. All who are able to should go to this event. If not get the book!

Sanjoy Hazarika, Managing Trustee, C-NES

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