Sir Mark Tully on the Boat Clinics on HT

“The governments’ failure to deliver more effectively on human development indicates they need to look for new models and replicate them, taking advantage of NGO initiatives and their ability to provide services as effectively as the Brahmaputra boats do” Sir Mark Tully. Follow the link for more

Goa’s Herald on Sanjoy Hazarika

Sujay Gupta, editor of the Heraldo in Goa, wrote this entertaining piece based on a lunch at Gunpowder in Goa:…/THE-YOUNG-MAN-AND-THE-RIVER-–-HAZ…’S-TALES-TOLD-AT-ASSAGAO/111649.html

Constitution, Nagaland & Women’s Rights

THE resignation of the Nagaland Chief Minister DR Zeliang is  a fallout of the anti-reservation violence in the state. The government, in the wake of rioting, arson and large-scale intimidation of women candidates by male-dominated “civil society groups” and traditional institutions, had walked away from upholding its position as a …

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